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Problems with Pregnancy

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  • During one of my pregnancies I has morning sickness for at least 15 weeks.
  • Toward the end of one of my pregnancies I had a lot of problems with acid stomach.
  • During one my pregnancies I had problems with cramping of pre-eclampsia.
  • During one of my pregnancies I had problems with feelings of numbness, lack of normal feeling in one of the limbs or other neurological complaints.
  • I felt much fitter during pregnancy.
  • I have had toxaemia (intoxication) during pregnancy.
  • I have had diabetes during a pregnancy.
  • I have had high blood pressure during a pregnancy.
  • I was anaemic during or after pregnancy.
  • I was depressed after a pregnancy (blue baby's).
  • After a pregnancy, I gained more than 10 pounds.
  • Most of my babies were born somewhat early.
  • I had problems with ligaments during or after my pregnancy.
  • I have had pelvic instability during or after one of my pregnancies.

Fill in the numbers.

  • I have had .. miscarriages.
  • I have (had) .. sons.
  • I have (had) daughters.
  • I have (had) brothers nephews/male cousins.
  • I have (had) . sisters nieces/female cousins.
  • I have had an ectopic (extra-uterine) pregnancy.
  • I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS).
  • I have had an abnormal PAP smear (PAP II, PAP IIIa, PAP IIIb or PAP IV).
  • After pregnancy I have had a milky discharge from my nipples for a long time.
  • I have problems with a dry vagina.
  • During pregnancy I had problems with acne or lots of pimples on my back or other place.
  • It has taken longer than four months to become pregnant.
  • There is an autistic or MBD-child of my direct family (brother/sister/child).



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