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Menstruation complaints

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  • My periods are irregular.
  • I have skipped a period, sometimes longer than eight weeks.
  • I have light periods.
  • I have heavy periods.
  • I am on the "pill" to control menstrual complaints.
  • During or before my periods I have sensitive ( somtimes swollen) breats, bloated abdomen, abdominal pain or back pain.
  • During or before my periods I can gain weight about two pounds.
  • I often have problems with vaginal Candida infections (white trush).
  • During ovulation I have a lot of claer discharge.
  • I have had bladder infections.
  • I have had urinary or kidney infections.
  • I have had problems with breast cysts.
  • I have a lot of body hair.
  • For anti-conception I use:
  • Inter-uterine device with copper
  • Inter-uterine device with hormone release
  • Anti-conception pill: which ..................
  • Inplantate or injection
  • other .



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