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HPU-complaints in youngsters

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  • paleness of the skin, especially of the face (pallor)
  • recurrent ear infections, colds
  • allergy: hay fever (pollinosis), skin reactions
  • hyperreactivity, dermatografy
  • headache, migraine
  • easy bruising
  • anaemia
  • inability to climb in a rope, the flying rings or climbing rack
  • bellyaches
  • convulsions
  • in summer the skin is yellowish brown, golden brown
  • have a bad set of teeth
  • hypermobility of the joints
  • "growing pains", especially of the left knee
  • changes in handwriting
  • white spots on the mails
  • sensitivity for sunlight
  • eat very badly
  • stretch marks on the skin
  • sweet breath
  • constipation, but more often a excessive stool mucus with bloating
  • light coloured stool
  • learning and behavioral problems



HPU-complaints normally increase with age. In littlechildren only specified complaints can be seen. The abov mentioned signs can be an indications for HPU.

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