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Problems of the Joints



  • I used to dislike gym.
  • I can barely do push ups or pull myself up on a rope climbing rack or flying rings with my hands.
  • My knees often bother me.
  • Usually the left one
  • Usually the right one
  • I used to be very supple, even hyper mobile.
  • I am often stiff in the morning.
  • I have (had) a spinal hernia.
  • There seems to be a lot of play in my jaws.
  • I have (had) pelvic instability.
  • I have lower back problems around the time of my period.
  • I used to do/perform gym (acrobatics), ballet or jazz ballet.
  • I hear ringing (or rushing sound) in my ears.
  • I am often dizzy.



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