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General Health Problems

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  • I have been anaemic.
  • I am often pale in my face.
  • I have reacted strangely to a medicine. If so, which?


  • I have reacted strangely tot the anti-conception pill. If so, which?


  • I have reacted strangely on sleeping pills (barbiturates). Is so, which?

  • I am or have been vegetarian for a period longer than 6 months.
  • I was an overactive child.
  • I often have diarrhoea or loose stools.
  • I am often constipated.
  • My stools are generally light in colour.
  • I frequently have upper-abdominal pain.
  • I have a sensitive or spastic colon.
  • I often have morning sickness.
  • I have (had) a Candida or yeast infection in my intestinal system.
  • I have (had) a yeast infection a my nail (like athlete's foot)
  • I have had a lot of antibiotics.
  • I have had pneumonia - even more than once .
  • I have had meningitis.
  • I have (had) bronchitis.
  • I have had mononucleosis or kissing disease (in Europe known as Pfeiffer's disease).
  • I have an enlarged thyroid.
  • I have had other thyroid problems. What? .
  • I have (had) restless legs.
  • I have problems sleeping.
  • I often have cramps in legs or feet.
  • I am sensitive to pain.
  • I sometimes see double.
  • My eyelids often twitch.
  • My calf muscles are always/often tense or tight.
  • My muscles can often twitch.
  • I have problems with body odour.
  • I have often white spots or stripes in my nails.
  • I have a problem with bad breath.
  • I often get a cold.
  • I have a dry skin.
  • M y mother was very manipulative.
  • If I ride in a car with someone else driving. I get the feeling that other cars are coming at me.
  • If I ride in a care with someone else driving. I get the feeling that the driver is often to close to the car in front.
  • Any other health problem can be added here below.


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